• Health is priceless

    Health is priceless… I think every reasonable person would agree. Indeed, by chance, we “hello” (it’s nothing but a wish of health), say “Cheers!” When someone sneezed, and no meal goes by without a toast with a wish of health. It should not buy for any money, do not borrow from friends. It is given for life, and we choose how to use it to do: protect, as a priceless gift, or to the winds. Of course, there are factors that depend little on the man himself: it is heredity, and environment (I do not know one person who would not want to breathe clean air, drink clean water, clean land to walk on and so forth) and much more. But more often we are too negligent attitude to the invaluable gift called health. We destroy his constant lack of sleep and stress, tobacco smoke poisoning, alcohol, and eating of fast foods. And sooner or later the body will give us signals that it is bad, that he needs help. But few of us listen to him. And if they listen, sometimes have no idea what he wants to tell us. The purpose of this blog was the idea of?? forming such “signals”, different symptoms zablevany, methods of diagnosis, so that through them a man could assume in his or her loved ones in a particular diagnosis and early treatment. And remember that the more closely we relate to our health, the more the pleasures and opportunities in life we??have.



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